Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life Lately!

Wow! Where to begin??? So...we closed on our old house last Thursday! What a great feeling! What an amazing feeling, I really can't even believe that it really happened. It's like a whirlwind. Everything happened so quickly...we decided we wanted to sell, we listed, God sold it and we're done! It's just amazing, how faithful our Father really is. We officially moved out and handed the keys over to our buyer on Saturday, she was so cute during the closing...she is probably 40ish and this is her first home purchase. She had her boyfriend take pictures during her signing and cried when she signed the deed and title. I was even a little choked up for her. It was nice. I hope that she loves her new home and much as we did! I am glad to have sold the house, but there were moments while I was cleaning and packing when I would burst into tears...it was an emotional roller coaster for me. It was the first house we purchased, we had our first baby in that house. We put our heart and soul into rennovations. And...it almost killed us during Ike.
It has been an exhausting couple of weeks as we've battled some terrible weather trying to move during Josh's sporadic free time. We are so grateful to The Keng's for the use of their trailer, what a blessing it was to have the use of it to move all our belongings to storage. We are currently bunking with my brother in law, Dan. He lives by himself in a 3 bedroom home...so it's nice to have somewhere to crash until we move to the new house. Gabriel was and is pretty confused by the whole process. He has been acting out a little...upset that the majority of his toys are packed away in storage, sad about leaving his room and the home that he's known his whole life. He didn't understand that his belongings and his dogs would be accompanying us to our new destination and we spent a lot of time trying to explain that the stuff inside the house would be coming with us, but the house belonged to someone new. He is now getting excited about his new room and playroom and his big new yard.
We are set to close on the new house (picture, up top) August 12th or maybe sooner if we can talk the seller into it!! The City came through with our backpay so we are set with all our closing money...we'll be broke, but the Lord has provided once again!! Another miracle, perfect timing as we've been waiting for that money since January! It's been awesome to watch his hand move throughout this entire situation. We are looking forward to moving, well not the actual moving part :( but we are looking forward to getting into our new house and making some new memories!! Thanks to everyone for the love and support you all have provided during this transition. You know who you are and I love you!