Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Coming up for Air!!

Whew! We have finally got the last piece or pieces of our stuff to our new house...it sure feels good to be totally moved in! We are not settled in, but at least our stuff isn't in a hundred places. We are so blessed to have such great friends and family to have let us store stuff and live at their houses!! We closed on our house last Wednesday, the 11th...we were elated. We took Gabriel with us because we wanted him to be a part of it, he was very excited to sit at the "big table" we told him about. He was very well mannered and was given juice and cookies, he loved it. We gave him a copy of some paper work and he got to sign too! LOL! The moving process began the next day on Thursday and with the help of my bro-in-law...thank you Dan!! We got everything out of our storage units in one day! This is a big house for us and we have been taking our time...4 bedrooms, a study and 4 bathrooms...plus the living room and kitchen. I was exhausted just after cleaning our master and bathroom. We got Gabriel's room painted and set up, he chose a bright, sort of country blue color so I compromised and did half the wall white. It looks really nice, esp since his quilt is blue and white. The playroom is a crazy blue on 3 walls with yellow flames, at first I had planned to paint over it as Gabriel had chosen a Lightning McQueen theme, now I'm thinking I'll leave those 3 and do one accent wall the bright red. I'm already tired of painting after only doing the laundry room and his bedroom! The guest room is INSANE...hot pink, hot orange, deep purple, all those colors in stripes on one wall, orange dots on one wall. Wait, it gets worse...they repeated this theme in the bathroom! I literally wanted to cry when I thought about the amount of Kilz this would take to cover since I had chosen a very pale blue/purple color for that room. However, I went to Home Depot today and decided that I would try a sample of that new Behr paint and primer in one...I put some on every wall and I have to say, that stuff is incredible! After just one coat...it looks amazing! It's well worth the $32 gallon...I'm feeling much better about that room now.

Over the weekend we discovered there's a vegetable garden at the back of the yard. It was hard to see because it's covered in weeds. It has okra, cucumbers, green beans, peppers, marigolds and squash. I think this is too cool. I have always wanted a real garden, so in my spare time, ha ha, I have been trying to weed it. Gabriel and I actually made a cucumber salad with one of the cucumbers today, it was delicious. I am looking forward to getting it back under control and growing some more veggies. The front of the yard has tons of landscaping possibilities and I am just itching to do something with it, but I'm trying to stay focused...I really miss my Gardenias back at the old house. My flower beds were so pretty. These are full of weeds, but they definitely have possibility.

I am excited about our new home and making it our own...it has a long way to go, but we don't mind the work. We have already made some great memories and it's only been a week! I am so grateful that the Lord gave us this house and paved the way for us to get here. Now we just need to get it cleaned up so we can have everyone over!!

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