Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Clothes!!

So, according to the doc, I am 9 weeks along. According to my calculations, I'm more like 11-12. Based on the half-volleyball that has popped up over the last couple days, I sure am hoping that my calculations are more accurate!! My shorts and jeans are becoming tight so I went upstairs to look through my maternity clothes for some shorts. WOW! The sheer size of those clothes was overwhelming. I had forgotten what L and XL maternity clothes actually look like. All of the emotions that I felt of being huge and feeling gross and ugly came flooding back into my mind. It's hard for me to look at pictures of myself and even harder to see the clothes that I used to wear (that's why I would get rid of them after each size dropped). It will be a stretch if any of those items will fit me in my third trimester, knock on wood. On the other hand, it was a nice wake up call for me, I've been feeling pudgy and like I'm gaining weight (I know, I know...it's gonna happen!!). But, for being 9 weeks along, I feel like I'm on a downward spiral. Seeing those clothes brought me back to reality....I am not big, I am not fat and I am going to be a beautiful pregnant woman. So...I still needed to find something to wear in the meantime. Should I buy larger, regular clothes or buy a few maternity items? I opted for a few maternity items. I love Kid to Kid, since I've had Gabriel, they now carry a huge selection of maternity clothes. I was able to get a couple dresses, some shirts and a pair of shorts. And guess what? They were all smalls and I will have room to grow...see, reality check!

On another note, Gabriel is having a great time watching my belly change. He talks to the baby sometimes, saying, "good-night" or "hi baby!" and loves the weekly baby updates from Babycenter.com. Yesterday he told Josh, "the baby is getting bigger, HE'S the size of a grape now!!!". So precious! I know that he's going to be an awesome big brother and helper! He loved getting to see the baby in our last ultrasound and proudly showed Nonna where the baby was in the pictures.

I think I've gotten over the initial shock and fear of this pregnancy and I'm reveling in this new season of our lives. A new body, one that is creating life - a new nursery, can't wait till we find out the sex - and of course...a new baby!!

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