Saturday, May 8, 2010


Gabriel started coughing about 2 weeks ago...hacking and gagging all day and all night. It was driving me crazy so I knew it had to be driving him nuts, poor thing! Usually I give him a variety of homeopathic meds and honey based cough syrups but they did nothing to ease his symptoms. I am not one of those moms that runs to the doctor at the very first sign of a runny nose, but I'd had enough...so I took him on Monday. Turns out he had allergy induced bronchitis...so the doc prescribed him a Xopenex (Albuterol) inhaler, Omnaris -a nasal allergy spray and told me I could give him some Delsym. Stuff works fantastic...problem is, it makes my docile child super hyper-active.

Starting Wednesday Gabriel began to act like a wild child...not listening, practicing "opposite day" I like to call it...running around...tearing stuff up, climbing all over everything, hooting and hollering! He's in overdrive...he can't sleep, so he's up at 5 am, it takes him about 2 hours to finally fall asleep, coming out of his room, playing with his toys, talking, kicking the wall. His behavior is nuts and no discipline we provide changes it, we see that he can't control it, but we are at our wits' end. I miss my calm, well-behaved and mature little boy. I do not have the patience to deal with this...and what a weekend for it (Mother's Day). I have felt terrible for being so agitated with him. Thankfully, his last day is tomorrow and I pray that this medication gets out of his system quickly. I am also praying that it has done it's job and I won't have to keep him on it any longer!!

I can say that I have a much greater appreciation for the behavior that Gabriel has previously exhibited...he is certainly not perfect, but he is a really good boy!! As I reflect on being a mom...I love this poem...My precious son Gabriel: Before you were born, I wanted you. Before you were born, I loved you. When you were born and I saw your face, I knew that I was in love. Before you were an hour old, I knew I would die for you. To this day, I will. This is the miracle of life. I can't imagine my life without YOU! I love you and I thank God for you!
Thank you God for the gift of my beautiful child...continue to impart patience, kindness and joy in me. Help me to be the mom that you intend me to be, with your guidance give me wisdom to teach, love to share and allow me to be an example of all things righteous and true.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and to all the other mommies that are sources of light and love in my life!

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