Friday, May 28, 2010


Wow...a lot has happened this month! I have gotten behind in my blogging! So let me try and catch up without turning this entry into a novel, lol! We celebrated my baby's birthday on the 15th...I cannot believe he is already three years old. The time has literally flown by. His party was a ton of fun at 7 Acre Wood up in Conroe. Gabriel and his friends chased chickens and goats, played putt-putt, climbed on the play gym, perused the western town and thoroughly enjoyed the zip lines. Even Mommy and Aunt Traci raced on the zip line...it was a blast. Tati and Uncle C drove in from Louisiana to spend the weekend with us and helped me make the cutest cake I've made to date...a barn with a silo on a field with animal cupcakes...it was adorable. We really enjoyed our time together and appreciated the friends and family who celebrated his special day with us.

The other milestone that Gabriel has reached is that he has learned to swim!!! I am so proud of him since I am a huge water lover and was a lifeguard all through my highschool years. We spend a lot of time with our neighbors at their pool, Gabriel has been "swimming" with a life vest but we have been gradually trying to get him to test the waters without it. He has taken the plunge the last few weeks and has done exceptionally well. He can swim underwater and above water. He jumps off the side, surfaces and will swim to the stairs. He goes down the slide and surfaces and swims to the side...I am super proud! Now we can't hardly get him to keep his vest on! I am amazed at his confidence and his bravery, he is getting bigger and bigger everyday and I am so proud of my little boy!

Finally...we completed the bathroom renovations, Josh did a fantastic job. The travertine around the sinks looks amazing and the bathrooms now mirror the rest of our home. The front porch tile is also done and it is a welcoming entry! The best news is...it was listed on MLS yesterday...we are official!!! YAY...we are really praying for a full price offer asap! We have found a couple houses that we really like so as soon as we can sell this one, we can make an offer and move into a new house.

Tomorrow we head to Galveston to celebrate Karen and Ashley's birthdays...Gabriel is super excited, he's been begging to go to the beach...Happy Memorial Day!!!

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