Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anniversary Celebration for 3

Hard to believe how quickly the time has passed...yesterday marked our 7th wedding anniversary!! We decided to keep it low key and had lunch at Chi, a Japanese restaurant. Josh must really love me because he hates sushi, but I rarely request it! Gabriel joined us on our adventures for the day - looking at a couple houses, lunch, errands; it was a normal day! We told him about our wedding day and he asked questions, it was cute. That night we bought some shrimp and had a special dinner which included him. He even got to have a big boy plate (one of our salad plates) with a special glass and napkin! There was candlelight and roses and a special dessert! Gabriel and mommy both loved it! After dinner we showed Gabriel our wedding photos, he loves looking at pictures, so he had a great time picking people out he knew! It was a nice evening and we loved including our little man in it. We are planning a weekend get away for just the two of us when the weather heats up!

Gabriel also got a hair cut this weekend...I finally cut all his curls off! He got a real big boy cut and has "spikeys" as he calls them! He looks about 5 years old to me and it still shocks me when I turn around and see him! Hard to believe my baby is growing up so fast!!!

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