Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eggs and Demolition!

Gabriel and I had a great time dying eggs yesterday! My baby is getting so big, he did so much of it on his own. Last year, I didn't even attempt to have him help me as this is such a messy process! He did really well...we only had a couple eggs go awol and the first one was mine! We did "14k gold glazed eggs" and they look really cool, both of us were really proud of our product, ha ha.

On the otherhand...there is a lot of dust in the house and it's not gold-dust!! We have decided to go forward with listing the house. I assumed that would entail packing up a lot of the things we don't use on a daily basis to make the house look more "clutter-free" and maybe changing out some of the bathroom fixtures and neutralizing the paint in the front bathroom (I love my dark brown). However...I came home from church last weekend to find my front porch tile torn out (it was an ugly 70's faux brick) and Josh ready with a notepad to take measurements on the bathrooms. Yes...I said bathroomS plural. Ummm...I was not prepared to do remodels on both bathrooms before we listed the house...I wanted to get this done pronto!! He informed me that we need to re-tile the floors b/c after replacing both toilets (awhile back) he had to crack the tile around it b/c the toilets were installed underneath the tile rather than on top or something like that so now we have to replace the floors (it just looks bad)...so since we're doing that we might as well replace the shower tile...hmmm...."might as well". It is ugly, I have to admit, but we bought it like that and there are lots of other upgrades for potential buyers to see...ugh...I just do not see when Josh will have the time to do it...so....off to Floor & Decor and Lowe's and Home Depot we went. We came home with tile for the floors and the porch. Oh and he plans to retile the countertops in the bathrooms too...I'll keep you posted on how long this takes!!! Please be praying for a speedy and cost effective remodel....

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