Saturday, March 20, 2010

Splish Splash

Spring Break has been a lot of fun for Gabriel and I, we have spent a few days soaking up the rays with the Keng girls! Elisabeth heated up the pool and we took full advantage...it was fun! Gabriel took some private swim lessons towards the end of the summer last year, but he seems to have forgotten a lot of what he learned...hopefully we can quickly get back up to speed, my goal for him is to be swimming this summer (fingers crossed!!). He loved going down the slide last year, but is afraid of it this year...he also loved jumping off the side of the pool, but hasn't worked up the nerve to try this year. Strange how they forget from year to year! We are taking our time...he had a ton of fun hanging out with Devan and Codi and at the end of the night yesterday, we took his vest off and he swam across the hot tub all by himself!! He was really proud and so was I!! The kids and adults have benefited from their time in the sun...they have been tuckered out in the evening...on Thursday night, immediately after dinner Gabriel decided to put himself to bed. I finished cleaning up and went to look for him, finding him fast asleep under the covers with the lights blazing in his room...too cute! We are looking forward to summer...bring on the heat!!

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